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In 2014, when my precious daughter came along, I caught myself importing most of the products I wanted for my first born. Fast forward to 2021 when my son came along, I was glad to see that there were a lot more quality products available online. But I also  realised that customisation usually meant JUST adding your child’s name to almost mass produced items.

Each child is born different and unique with a special sense of style that makes them – well, themselves. Until life makes kids blend in, that is. From an early stage, they don’t have much of an access to anything beyond fast fashion and mass trends, and follow a well trodden path- often leaving their originality and uniqueness behind.

At Little Maratt, we help instill individuality at an early stage. All our products are handmade or custom made – there is just ONE of each product out there. I love the fact that in addition to our unique products, we can also customise them with that idea your child has, or you have for your child.

Please do remember, as with everything else, it takes time to create excellence, but the wait will be definitely worth it😊

What our Happy Clients Say

My daughter loves bunnies, I bought her the bunny basket from Little Maratt and she loved it . The material is good and the basket is currently used to store her art supplies. I also bought a dress for my younger daughter which was pretty comfortable, simple yet classy with an elegant design and nice fabric. Thanks Nithya for guiding us with the size.
Word of advice if your child is small built – shop one age smaller

Love Neesha – Bangalore

I ordered the toothless storage basket and my little one LOVES it (she’s a big fan of toothless)! She now gets excited to clear out her toys (which was usually quite the struggle!). It also seems durable, as my daughter drags it all across the room everyday. Overall, I’m happy with the quality and craftsmanship!

Nina Ramakrishnan – Chennai

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